Tubbs and North Drinkware come together to celebrate icons of the North East and North West together in the limited edition NW x NE Flex VRT 24 Snowshoe. The artwork on this limited edition of 100 snowshoes features accurate topographic data of two iconic mountains on either coast of the United States to celebrate two iconic brands. Tubbs Snowshoes with it’s New England heritage and North Drinkware with it’s Northwest heritage.


Imagine you are standing in the center of the United States and look to the North. On your left, far off in the distance is Mt. Rainier, the icon of the Cascade mountains towering over the PNW at 14,411 ft. Then off in the distance to your right stands Mt. Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire towering over the East coast at 6,288 ft.

We took this inspiration to create this unique set of custom Tubbs VRT 24 snowshoes. On the left snowshoe we have detailed topographic data of Mt. Rainier. On the right snowshoe we celebrate the topographic data of Mt. Washington. An icon of the NE meets an icon of the NW in this limited edition collaboration.


The FLEX VRT delivers premium performance for backcountry exploration. The DYNAMICFIT™ BINDING WITH THE BOA® FIT SYSTEM produces evenly distributed tension around your boot for ultimate precision. The FLEX Tail™ design eases stress on your joints, allowing you to summit even the most intense peaks. Whether you are on the East or West Coast, or anywhere in between your journey starts here.