Second Giveaway FAQ

Here are some answers to questions around our free second glass giveaway running from March 24th through April 1st.

I didn't see any second glasses in my cart, am I getting them?

Yes. The digital system we're using isn't working ideal but on the back end we are matching every glass ordered 1:1 with a second glass. This includes box sets and six pack sets.

What is a “second-quality glass”?

Second Quality glasses are perfectly good glasses that don’t meet our rigorous quality standards. They are likely too light in weight, too heavy or have some subtle surface imperfections like bubbles or lines in them. We have a seconds sale every year and have yet to hear of a disappointed customer.

Do I get to choose my glass?

Not at this time. We have a variety of seconds that could be any mountain or any size (pint or tumbler) You’ll get what you get, which is part of the fun!

Can I return a second?

All second sales (or giveaway in this case) are final. You can pass it on to a friend who needs some happiness if you don’t want what you got.

For any other specific questions you can contact us at