The Heavy Bottom Pikes Peak Tumbler

Regular price $ 86.00 USD

This limited edition hand blown 8oz glasses features over 1 in of glass encapsulating custom Pikes Peak 3D data and magnifying the road and mountain experience. Our glass features the iconic 14,115′ feet peak and the Pikes Peak Highway stretching for 19 miles up to the summit making Pikes one of the most accessible 14ers in the world. Each glass comes individually packaged in custom black and gold packaging and is proudly made in the USA.

Heavy Bottom Tumblers provide an unobstructed view of each mountain, built for those who also want a little more weight to their glass. Our standard Tumbler glass weighs in at about 1/4 lb, this very limited edition collection weighs in at nearly 1 lb per glass.

The process to make each of these glasses offers some beautiful hand made variation. The imperfections of these heavy glasses invoke the spirit of the Japanese term "wabi-sabi" which is the art of finding beauty in imperfection. Every Heavy Bottom glass we make is truly one of a kind.

Explore Process , Care& Packaging

Each glass we sell gives back to the region we're celebrating. In our ongoing partnership with 1% For The Planet, every Pikes Peak glass gives back to the Rocky Mountain Field Institute

RMFI is committed to protecting and enhancing the ecological health of land and water resources by completing projects focused on watershed restoration, forest health, and creating sustainable outdoor recreation opportunities. By prioritizing the involvement of community volunteers and youth, RMFI envisions a world that fosters vibrant and healthy natural systems that are respected and cared for by the public.

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