The Japan Collection Featuring Mt. Fuji

The Japan Collection Featuring Mt. Fuji



In our constant pursuit to celebrate the most iconic peaks in the world we are excited to move our attention to an international icon. We are celebrating the iconic Mt. Fuji in Japan standing at 3,776.24 m (12,389.2 ft) with this collection. The spiritual symmetry of Mt. Fuji has inspired artists and the people of Japan for centuries. 

The connection between Oregon and Japan runs deep, with similarities abound. Both cultures lead with kindness. Both have a deep love for simple, premium design. Both cultures have a commitment to excellence in craft and food - we even share a restaurant (hi AFURI). Both have a deep culture of crafted spirits. Both are constantly renewed by bathing in nature to fill the soul. Both find inspiration from the volcanic peaks that tower in the distance. 

It is because of these similarities that we have always wanted to create a glass to celebrate Japan, but we didn’t want to do it before we could also launch directly in Japan as well. This year we have begun working with an amazing partner in Japan and are excited to be launching our Mt. Fuji collection here in the US and in Japan together this year. 

 Our collection of glasses and coasters celebrates this icon of Japan through hand crafted products made in Oregon USA.

Mt. Fuji has inspired centuries of art. This amazing Japanese wood print shows a view of Mount Fuji across Yedo Bay seen from Rokusozan, Kazusa, with a rural landscape in the foreground. 

Andō Hiroshige 


In our ongoing partnership with 1% for the Planet every Mt. Fuji glass will give back to the Whole Earth Nature School at the base of Mt. Fuji, Japan that works on the restoration of the view of nature in Japanese culture. 


The 3D data of Mt. Fuji that we feature highlights this iconic volcano that has been an inspiration to artists for centuries.


The custom etched coaster set is laser cut from birch ply and fitted with a cork backing. The detailed topographic data brings this iconic peak to life.

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