Custom Etching

Customize your North Glasses

If you're looking to customize North glasses with your logo, the date of your wedding or even your best customers' names at your bar, we've got a solution for you.

We have forged a partnership with Bardy Trophy here in Portland, Oregon. Bardy Trophy was founded in 1924, and has been delivering premium quality sandblast etching for both local and global customers ever since. We chose Bardy because they use genuine sandblast glass etching, rather than printed faux etching that will wear off over time. 

We have thousands of happy customers with this process. If you're ordering more than 10 glasses contact us at info@northdrinkware to learn about our bulk pricing.

Here's how the 3 step customization process works:


Email or call 

503-282-7787 to get an understanding of price and timing for your project. (Ballpark is about $25 for a single piece, and and the cost comes down as you make more. Orders take about 2 weeks to process.)


 Order glasses and use Bardy Trophy as the shipping address:

Bardy Trophy Co. 
2500 NE Martin Luther King Blvd

Portland, Oregon 97212 



Follow up with the team at Bardy Trophy letting them know you've placed an order with North. They will follow up with you on the process, artwork, timeline, cost and shipping of your glasses from Bardy to you. Note that you are responsible for shipping costs from Bardy to your location.

Share the photos of your customized glasses on our social channels so we can see the awesome products you make!


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