Quality & Care

Product Quality

The nature of our handblown glass is that each glass is individually unique and represents slight variation from piece to piece. All North Drinkware glasses meet a specific quality control range for size, weight, height, and shape.

We pride ourselves on delivering only the best glasses to our customers. With that, part of the allure of handmade glass is that no two glasses are identical. All of our pieces are blown and finished by hand, so the sizes and weights will not be exact. 

Some of the variations that you might find are slight variations in the surface of each glass, weight of each glass, and an occasional small bubble. One occurrence that also exists from time to time is a aesthetic we call cords. Cords are thin lines of glass that have a different composition than other parts of the glass. These result in a thin line that swirls around the glass gracefully. Cords are rare, and beautiful.


Product Care

Please clean your glasses before use. All North glassware is lead-free and safe to be washed in a dishwasher. That said, we recommend handwashing your glasses for extra care. Avoid cleaners that contain citrus, as it may damage the glass and potentially cause cloudiness. Like any drinking glass, extreme changes in temperature may cause it to crack. If you put your glasses in the freezer to chill it's important that the beverage you pour into the glass is also cold. Boiling-hot liquids should never be poured into any North glass. 





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