Process is everything

Made in Oregon, inspired by the mountains. All North Drinkware products are crafted here in Oregon with the same care and consideration as the craft drinks you love. We use accurate USGS data to celebrate some of the most iconic mountains in our country across our glasses, coasters and blankets. We work with the best artisans in the business to bring our products to life.

Dig into our process for our glasses, blankets and coasters below.

Our Glass Blowing Process

Making hand blown glass takes years of experience and a totally custom process. It takes more than 15 steps over the course of 2 days to make just one of our glasses. This process is repeated hundreds of times a day by our team of artisans in Portland, Oregon for our patented designs. 

We proudly work with 100% local partners to produce every piece of our product. From the paper wrap to our custom tubes every part of what we ship is made in the USA and we love that.

Our Blanket Process

Our blankets are made exclusively for North by Pendleton Woolen Mills in Pendleton, Oregon. The wool is sourced from the highest quality sheep and is processed, dyed, and finished from end to end by Pendleton in the Pacific Northwest.

Using an age old process called pick and pick, the jacquard weaving loom blends two colors of yarn to achieve the range of colors in the blanket. This process produces the inverse of the design on the back of the blanket.