The Mt. Katahdin Coaster Set

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Custom wood coasters featuring USGS topographic data for Mt. Katahdin - the Northern terminus of the iconic Appalaciation Trail. 

Located in Maine's Baxter State Park, Mt. Katahdin, translated to "Great Mountain" by the Penobscot Nation, stands at an elevation of 5,269 feet. Set of 2 coasters of laser-cut birch ply with a custom cut cork backer. Made in the USA and packaged in a custom muslin bag.

The final 3 miles of the 2,190+ mi Appalachian Trail spanning 14 states from Georgia to Maine is highlighted on each coaster. 

Our Mt. Katahdin coaster features all of the details of the peak, including Pamola and Hamlin Peak and the Knife Edge hike that takes you along the glacial ridge. In 1846, Henry David Thoreau visited the mountain and wrote about his experiences in his book "The Maine Woods." Thoreau's writings helped to popularize the area and sparked interest in the region among other writers and artists.

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