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The ultimate Mt. Shasta gift. Our pre-packed box set includes 2 Mt. Shasta Pints, 2 Mt. Shasta Tumblers and 4 Mt. Shasta coasters. All of this can be packaged in a custom made solid pine box with a laser etched plywood slide top lid.

The ultimate Mt. Shasta gift. Our glass and coaster feature USGS data of Mt. Shasta at 14,179 ft. All products are proudly made in USA.

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Our glass features this icon of Northern California in amazing detail. Mount Shasta has been the subject of a large number of myths and legends. In particular, it is often said to hide a secret city beneath its peaks. In some stories, the city is no longer inhabited, while in others, it is inhabited by a technologically advanced society of human beings or mythical creatures. We may never know the truth.

Set Includes:

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Dig in to the magical legends of Mt. Shasta

Made in Portland, Oregon our glasses are lead-free and dishwasher safe. All glasses are handmade one-of-a-kind products that may have slight variations.

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Each glass we sell gives back to the region we're celebrating. In our ongoing partnership with 1% For The Planet, every Mt. Shasta glass gives back to the The Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center

They advocate strong, enforceable protections for the mountain, for clean air and water, for healthy forests and wildlife habitat. They support a community informed and engaged with the issues and ready to act. They encourage leaders and decision makers to learn, understand and act appropriately for citizens and the land, above the influence of outside and exploitive interests.



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