The Longs Peak Collection

The Longs Peak Collection



Our Longs Peak collection focuses on the northernmost fourteener and the highest peak in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Longs Peak, towering at 14,259 ft. is located just outside of Estes Park, CO. Longs is one of the most iconic destinations in Colorado and is a constant draw to alpine climbers and hikers alike. The Diamond on the East Face of the peak is a big wall destination for climbers around the world. Dig into our Crux Series with Longs Peak local and climbing icon Tommy Caldwell for more.

Our glass features the iconic peak and The Diamond in breathtaking detail. From the Keyhole trail to the Narrows, the hike up Longs is no joke. On the Diamond the Casual Route is the popular climb, and even that is far from casual. The elevation, the weather and the distance will put any climber to the test.

The East Face Diamond Wall

Our glass design features Longs Peak and most notably the East Face Diamond Wall. Including Mt. Meeker, Mt. Lady Washington, the Keyhole and Chasm lake. Colorado’s iconic 14er looks stunning in our Longs Peak Collection.

Mt. Meeker, Longs Peak, Mt. Lady Washington

Chasm Lake

Longs Peak Trail

Perhaps best known as a destination for those in the climbing community to test themselves. Longs Peak is home to some of the best and most challenging rock climbing in the Rockies.

With peak climbing season from July to mid-September, an estimated 30,000 climbers will reach the summit annually. The Keyhole is one of the most climbed routes of any fourteener in the state and is a true climb with a 16 mile round trip., starting from the Trailhead to the Boulder Field at 12,750' and continuing southwest to the Keyhole at 13,150'. From there follow the painted bull's-eyes markings which will lead you to the summit. If you’re looking to complete this 14’er be sure to do your research on what it takes.

The Keyhole


In our ongoing partnership with 1% For The Planet every Longs Peak glass gives back to the Rocky Mountain Conservancy. Founded in 1931, the mission of this nonprofit organization is to promote stewardship of Rocky Mountain National Park and similar lands through education and philanthropy. The conservancy has been protecting public lands for more than 90 Years. When you support the Conservancy, you’re supporting one of our national treasures for generations to come. 

Some of their recent work has involved repair and maintenance geared to support the large volume of visors on the Longs Peak Trail. The goal is that the improvements will not only provide users with a better outdoor experience, but guide hikers through the landscape in a more sustainable way.


The 3D data of Longs Peak take prominence in our hand blown glasses made in Portland, Oregon. The Diamond and surrounding climbing faces come to life in these pint and tumbler glasses.


The custom etched coaster set is laser cut from birch ply and fitted with a cork backing. Featuring detailed topographic data of Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Made to mirror the shape of the Diamond Wall when facing it from the the bottom of Longs Peak.

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