DDC X North Drinkware - The Thick Lines Collection

DDC X North Drinkware - The Thick Lines Collection




Mountains for all.

We’ve partnered with our friend Aaron Draplin and his internationally known Draplin Design Company (DDC) to create a mountain icon for all. The mountains have meaning to so many but we can’t make a glass for every mountain, so how about one mountain to rule them all?

Aaron’s iconic Thick Lines style brings the inspiring geometry of nature to life in our "Thick Lines" Pint and Tumbler. These geometric shapes represent the mountains you love towering above us. 

Aaron has taken the graphic design world by storm for over 25 years with work that stretches from Union Binding Co. to Nike to Adobe and too many others to list. His consistent work Field Notes and for his own brand DDC inspires us the most of all. It’s fun, deeply personal and out of this world

We love Aaron for many reasons, but his straight shooting, fun loving, living life on his own terms spirit is what keeps us connected year after year. Pick up his book Pretty Much Everything for a deeper understanding of one of the most inspiring graphic designers of our time. Be sure to catch his “Tall Tales From a Large Man” tour in a city near you, you won’t be disappointed.

The thick lines inspiration for the "Thick Lines" Collection.

The Field Notes sketches of the concept.



What do the mountains mean to you?

Without getting too romantic, there's just something that will be forever aspirational about mountains and what they represent to me. I'm from the flat Midwest, and heading West at 19 came with its own weird challenges. Shit like being SCARED AS HELL going over some sketchy pass in a Buick Skyhawk. Skin-thickening stuff. As rat snowboarders, our main goal was to get to, and ride in the mountains. It felt improbable. All that work and saving to get there, and always knowing they could bite back. The whole experience was exhilarating. I'm so thankful for my five winters shredding at Mt. Bachelor—and the Wild West at large—in those mid-'90s. I miss all my old buddies and cherish the wild times we had!

What is the Crux of designing a good icon or logo?

Scalability. Does it work in the smallest application, say on your Instagram avatar? Cuz it needs to. That's where we are seeing the stuff the most. More and more, we're shrinking our stuff down. And legibility and impact gets lost. The most effective logos hold at all sizes.

What is your favorite beverage?

Ice cold water! I drink 3-4 Nalgene bottles of the stuff daily. And be careful coming to the DDC, you just never know when you'll catch me "saving a flush" alongside the shop. I have a little Tuff Shed, and it sits precisely one unit of "Aaron Draplin Width" away from the shop. I sneak back there to be one with the natural world around me. A good strong stream!

Bringing it to life.



These universal mountain glasses are ready for anything you can throw at them, ice-cold water, a cold beer, hard spirits or even just some orange soda. The Thick Lines Pint and Tumbler are our hand blown glasses with 3D Thick Lines of those mountains you love in the base. Made right here in Portland Oregon, USA the shared home of DDC and North Drinkware. The custom laser etched coasters in birch ply made in the USA are the perfect compliment to this iconic collaboration.



The custom etched Thick Lines coaster set is laser cut from birch ply and fitted with a cork backing. Made in USA and ready to keep the water rings off your side table.

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