The Pacific City Collection

The Pacific City Collection



Our Pacific City collection celebrates a unique "mountain" in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Oregon. The Pacific City Collection features Haystack Rock, or Chief Kiwanda rock, standing at 327 ft above sea level. This unique geologic feature is the tallest of Oregon's Haystack Rocks and is within the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, providing essential breeding and resting habitat for seabirds and marine mammals.

We launch this collection in collaboration with Pelican Brewing Company, located on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon, which takes its name from the iconic birds and their protected breeding ground just offshore. Pelican Brewing Company was born in 1996 and is an icon of Oregon's best surf and fishing towns. This year, Pelican Brewing celebrates 25 years with their unique "Bird-Day" boxes featuring spectacular beer collaborations and unique products.

The Pacific City Pint glass is exclusively available through Pelican Brewing in the Bird-Day Box Volume II through the end of May 2021. This box features a unique beer collaboration with Pelican alumni Ben Love, now Brewmaster of Gigantic Brewing Company. Darron Welch, brewmaster of Pelican Brewing, combined forces with Ben to create a cocktail-inspired beer ideal for the return of warmer weather. Inspired by Ben’s love of Mezcal Sours, they created a uniquely balanced ale brewed with tangerines and aged it for three months in fruity Mezcal barrels.

Starting June 1st, Pacific City Pints, Tumblers, and Coasters will be available here at North Drinkware. 

Photos: Pelican Brewing

Pacific City is an oceanic playground for surfers and dory boat anglers alike. Our custom designed 3D data of Haystack Rock brings this icon to life, including set waves coming towards the shore and wrapping around the rock. Although Haystack Rock may be small compared to some of our featured mountains, its towering height on the glass comes to life in any drink.

In our ongoing partnership with 1% for the Planet, every Pacific City glass gives back to the Trailkeepers of Oregon

Trailkeepers of Oregon's (TKO) mission is to protect and enhance the Oregon hiking experience through trail stewardship, advocacy, outreach, and education.  

TKO provides safe and fun experiences to volunteers, builds and restores trails to provide a quality hiking experience, and teaches stewardship ethics to visitors of Oregon’s natural places. 

We are proud to connect with TKO and support their efforts to maintain and protect trails on the Oregon Coast and beyond.


Haystack Rock comes to life in our hand blown glasses made in Portland, Oregon. Pint glasses are available exclusively through Pelican Brewing through the month of May. Beginning June 1st, Pints, Tumblers and Coasters will be available here.


The custom etched coaster set is laser cut from birch ply and fitted with a cork backing. The detailed topographic data brings this iconic rock to life.

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