The Lake Tahoe Collection

The Lake Tahoe Collection

We are forever drawn to the mountains and the high alpine lakes they form. As we explore places that inspire us we shift our focus to Lake Tahoe. We have explored its mountains, swam in its water and been inspired by its majestic beauty for years. We have finally found a way to celebrate this iconic lake and it's surrounding mountains in a way that feels truly North - with a set of handblown glasses, and a custom woven blanket by Pendleton Woolen Mills.

The sunrise lovely, calm, hushed. Yellow amber light touching the mountains of the western shore, tinting the purple lake yellow. … The flash and roar of the waves on the shore begins suddenly … a hundred voices stirred by the wind in the forest.

— John Muir, sunrise journal entry while camping at Lake Tahoe, summer 1888.

Drawn to Her Depths

Lake Tahoe it a truly unique place. Sitting calm as the largest alpine lake in North America, the lake sinks to 1,645 feet deep, stretches 22 miles long and 12 miles wide. Only the second deepest lake in America her waters are crystal clear and her shoreline stretches nearly 75 miles long. With nearly 36.15 cubic miles of water in Lake Tahoe there is enough water to cover a flat area the size of California with 14 inches of water.

The clean air and water are the keys to the Lake's spectacular blue color. The clarity of the water allows you to see over 70 feet deep, although the clarity of this lake is diminishing with pressure on the natural filtering systems. Our partnership with Keep Tahoe Blue will help to give support to the teams working to protect this national treasure.

Inspired by Her Mountains

The Sierra Nevada mountains stretch nearly 400 miles across the Western United States. Within the ranges surrounding the Lake there are endless peaks for exploration.

Lake Tahoe, between California and Nevada is also the home to 14 developed ski resorts. On a good year the region can receive over 450 inches of snow making it one of the most inspiring playgrounds in the summer and winter.

In addition to the developed ski resorts, Lake Tahoe hosts some of the most spectacular backcountry skiing in the country with unmatched access and terrain.

A Design Challenge

When considering how to celebrate this iconic region we debated many ideas that ranged from celebrating each mountain to trying to capture the entire region. One of the biggest challenges is the shear size of the geographic area. We want to celebrate the mountains surrounding the lake, but then realizes that the lake itself is the true icon. This inspiring photo of Lake Tahoe from a NASA Expedition 34 crew member, approximately 240 miles above Earth, lead us to the design solution. We had to zoom out and to consider the entire region in our design.

By comparison, The Oregon Pint and Tumbler, featuring Mt. Hood, showcases about 20 sq mi of terrain.

The California Pint and Tumbler, featuring Half Dome, covers only about 2 sq mi to celebrate this icon.

The Lake Tahoe Pint and Tumbler feature nearly 1,000 sq mi in the base of the glass showcasing the lake and the surrounding mountains.

A detail of our Lake Tahoe mold showcasing all of the details of this iconic region.

Giving Back to the Lake

Staying true to our 1% commitment we are partnering with the team at Keep Tahoe Blue to protect this spectacular national icon. 1% of your purchase goes back to The League to support their restoration, education and protection of this special place. 

Welcome to The Lake Tahoe Collection

The Lake Tahoe Blanket - Preorder

We wanted to stretch further than just glasses and coasters to celebrate this amazing region. We are in the process of working with Pendleton Woolen Mills on a custom blanket featuring Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains. This blanket is woven in a unique process allowing for 3 colors and features the topographic data of the landscape and bathymetric data of the lake itself. We are in the production stages now and are accepting limited preorders this summer for delivery by holiday 2020. Follow the link below for more details.


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