Tubbs Snowshoes x North Drinkware - Yosemite Valley

Tubbs Snowshoes x North Drinkware - Yosemite Valley



Tubbs Snowshoes and North Drinkware come together again to celebrate the magic of Yosemite National Park. The NW x NE Snowshoe from 2020 was a massive success around the world and we've partnered back again to celebrate an National Park icon. The Yosemite Valley artwork on this limited edition of 150 snowshoes features shaded relief and topographic data of one of the most spectacular National Parks in the United States. This launch supports the new North Drinkware Yosemite Valley Blanket manufactured by Pendleton Woolen Mills that features the same artwork and 1% of all sales will be donated back to the Yosemite Conservancy.

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This unique set of snowshoes features the Yosemite Valley artwork in positive on the left foot and negative on the right foot. This flipped artwork is reflected on the front and back of the North Yosemite Valley Blanket and reflects the magic of Yosemite in both the summer and winter seasons.  

North has long supported the Yosemite Conservancy with the original Half Dome Pint and Tumbler and now the Yosemite Blanket. This collaboration with Tubbs will also give 1% back to the Yosemite Conservancy. Check out their live webcams of the valley today and have a chance to see it blanketed in snow this winter!


The new Flex VRT is a premium composite deck snowshoe designed to deliver high quality performance for backcountry exploration. The DynamicFit™ 2.0 binding features the BOA® Fit System which evenly distributes tension around your boot, combined with EVA foam for the ultimate comfortable and precise fit. The new Flex Torsion Deck technology allows for a natural stride from heel to toe absorbing impact to reduce the amount of stress on joints. At the same time the FLEX tail engages the built in tail traction, keeping the snowshoe tracking and underfoot, making descents a breeze. This deck provides just the right amount of rigidity for side hilling while conforming to the terrain. Paired with aggressive Traction Rails and the Viper™ 2.0 crampon this snowshoe bites into any snow conditions. Engaging the ActiveLift™ 19° heel lift this becomes a mountain climbing machine.

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