Topo Tote Bag

Regular price $ 20.00 USD

Receive our canvas Topo Tote free with the purchase of any four glasses. Just add The Topo Tote Bag to your cart in addition to 4 or more glasses and we'll automatically give you the Tote free. 

Our Topo Tote featuring USGS art of Mt. Hood is the bag you can use for whatever you need, every day or makes any gift better. Proudly made in the USA each bag comes with 4 sheets of custom topo printed newspaper to take your gift giving to new heights.

Tote Bag Specifications:

- 10oz Black Organic Cotton with printed Topo Mt. Hood art

- 13″ wide x 14″ high x with 25″ handles

- Fits a wine or whiskey bottle and 2-4 packaged glasses or 1 Pendleton Blanket

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