The Maroon Bells Blanket

The Maroon Bells Blanket



Expanding from our Maroon Bells glass line we're excited to announce the launch of our custom Pendleton Maroon Bells Blanket celebrating one of the most photographed peaks in Colorado.

Our blanket covers the whole Maroon Bells pass celebrating the iconic Maroon, Sleeping Sexton and Pyramid peaks. The forests of the region are highlighted in the golden color of the blanket, inspired by the fall hues of the aspen trees in the region. The blue color showcases the topographic lines, the creeks and lakes of the region. Using an age old jacquard weaving process the front and back of the blanket are inverse of each other.

Maroon Lake

Fall Aspen Colors

A region with breathtaking creeks, lakes and peaks comes to life with our USGS topographic data inspired design. In addition to the peaks we are celebrating Buckskin and Willow Pass as well as Minnehaha Gulch and Len Shoemaker Ridge.

We designed our blanket to work with Pendleton's jacquard weaving process. The wool is sourced from the highest quality sheep and is processed, dyed, and finished from end to end by Pendleton in the Pacific Northwest.  


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