The Wasatch Collection

The Wasatch Collection



Our Wasatch Collection focuses on the heart of Utah's Wasatch Range just to the East of Salt Lake City. In our glass, we celebrate an approximate 30 mile stretch of the central Wasatch front with over 300 sq miles of the Range included. Its iconic peaks and canyons offer a dramatic backdrop to the sprawling city and acts as a cultural hub for the outdoor community.

Some of the most distinct features of the central Wasatch Range are the dramatic canyons that cut through it, the peaks that cover its horizon, and the communities that surround it. Utah and the Wasatch range is most known for its amazing skiing and snow conditions often called "the greatest snow on earth". There’s plenty to explore and do in the Wasatch whether it’s skiing, touring, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, hiking, biking and rock climbing. All of these factors have made the Wasatch a mecca for outdoor recreation in Utah and even more reason for us to celebrate it.

Photo: Andy Earl

Photo: Andy Earl

Photo: Snowbird

Our glass design features from Salt Lake to Park City in the West and from Grandeur Peak up North to Mount Timpanogos down South. Visible in our glass are five canyons ; Parleys, Millcreek, Big Cottonwood, Little Cottonwood, and American Fork, eight Ski resorts, and over 20 iconic peaks. Utah’s dramatic horizon comes to life in our newest collection.


The canyons outside of Salt Lake City deliver access to some of the most breathtaking outdoor terrain and activities in the country. Formed by ancient glaciers, rivers, and tectonic activity from the Wasatch Fault at its foothills. These canyons are each unique and offer easy accessibility to those in the surrounding communities.


The peaks of the central Wasatch offer endless challenges every season of the year. With hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails there are endless opportunities for stunning views and experiences among the peaks in the Wasatch. 


The eight iconic resorts of the central range deliver world class skiing and snowboarding. From the steep terrain of Alta, views from the tram at Snowbird, a ski town experience in Park City, or laps on Milly at Brighton, there is something for every skier and snowboarder to enjoy.


In our ongoing partnership with 1% For The Planet, every Wasatch glass gives back to the Sageland Collaborative.  

Sageland Collaborative supports effective conservation through providing sound science and data-driven strategies to facilitate conservation goals in the state. The information they provide is vital as are their services in the face climate change, development, and other human impacts threatening Utah’s sensitive ecosystems.

Their Wasatch Wildlife Watch Project will facilitate or improve wildlife movement across the Wasatch Mountains through mapping wildlife movement in the region. This information informs development and planning decisions along the wildland urban interface.


The 3D data of Wasatch comes to life in our hand blown glasses made in Portland, Oregon. The central Wasatch Front and its canyons take prominence in these pint and tumbler glasses.


The custom etched coaster set is laser cut from birch ply and fitted with a cork backing. Detailed topographic data of over 300 sq mi of terrain in the central Wasatch range east of Salt Lake City, Utah

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