This limited edition set of hand blown 8oz glasses features over one inch of glass encapsulating our signature peaks and magnifying the mountain experience.

Heavy Bottom Tumblers provide an unobstructed view of each mountain built for those who also want a little more weight to their glass. Our standard Tumbler glass weighs in at about 1/4 lb, this very limited edition collection weighs in at nearly 1 lb per glass.

Each limited edition Heavy Bottom glass comes packaged in a custom black tube with gold foil type.

For 2023 we're offering eight mountains in our heavy bottom design which comes in slightly taller than our Tumbler glass.

The process to make each of these glasses offers some beautiful hand made variation. The imperfections of these heavy glasses invoke the spirit of the Japanese term "wabi-sabi" which is the art of finding beauty in imperfection. Every Heavy Bottom glass we make is truly one of a kind.

The Heavy Bottom Collection

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