The Mt. Tsurugi Tumbler

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The Mt. Tsurugi Tumbler is our handblown, 8 oz glass with accurate 3D data of one of the icons of the Japanese Alps standing tall at 2,999 mEach glass comes individually packaged and is proudly made in the USA.

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Mount Tsurugi, nestled in the Hida Mountains of Japan, is steeped in a unique and compelling history. Its name, meaning "Sword Peak," reflects its storied past as a revered site for Japanese mythology and folklore. The mountain is associated with legends of ancient swordsmiths forging mythical blades at its summit. Its rugged terrain once attracted pilgrims practicing Shugendo, a blend of Buddhism and Shintoism, who believed that attaining spiritual enlightenment could be found in the mountain's heights. This history endows Mount Tsurugi with a mystical aura, making it a fascinating destination for adventurers, history enthusiasts, and those drawn to the intersection of myth and natural beauty in Japan.


The connection between Oregon and Japan runs deep, with similarities abound. Both cultures lead with kindness. Both have a deep love for simple, premium design. Both cultures have a commitment to excellence in craft and food - we even share a restaurant (hi AFURI and Snowpeak). Both have a deep culture of crafted spirits. Both are constantly renewed by bathing in nature to fill the soul. Both find inspiration from the volcanic peaks that tower in the distance. It is because of these similarities that we worked to create a glass to celebrate Japan made in Oregon.

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Made in Portland, Oregon our glasses are lead-free and dishwasher safe. All glasses are handmade one-of-a-kind products that may have slight variations.

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